A year previous, a family with three children was homeless. With the help of St John’s County School’s ASSIST program and others, an apartment was found.

Recently, mom lost her job. The family fell behind two month’s rent and faced receiving an eviction notice.

MESH was contacted by ASSIST for possible assistance.

A qualified MESH board member met with the family. Bank statements, income and expenses were reviewed. The board member was impressed both with the family’s financial discipline and with Mom and Dad as individuals.   Most importantly, it appeared that optimism for Mom resolving her employment situation was present.

MESH agreed to cover half of the back rent, provided funding for the remainder could be found. Our board member engaged the county, seeking collaboration on a solution.

Response was favorable, but time was needed to obtain approvals. Unfortunately, if the eviction notice was given, regulations would not allow the county to assist any longer. Time was of the essence.

One day before the eviction notice was to be delivered, and contingent upon an agreement that eviction would be delayed while the county completed its approval process, MESH delivered a check for half the owed rent to the landlord.

The county review was favorable, and the family remains in its home.